Dear friends,

Welcome to our home page!  My name is Natalya Belokon and I am a registered dog breeder under the prefix ROSKOSH ALPIYSKIKH LUGOV. My kennel has been registered with the FCI-RKF since 17.04.2015 (reg.№ 17407). This kennel name was chosen for the reason. The name Sennenhund is literally translated from the German as a dog of alpine pastures and so the name our kennel ROSKOSH ALPIYSKIKH LUGOV was born.

I am a very responsible person and I wanted to start selective breeding with responsible attitude. So I finished RKF education courses with flying colours covering the next qualifying levels – Dog breeder. Selection specialist. Conformation judge.

I have bred, owned and shown Berner Sennenhunds and although the kennel name was registered only in 2015 I have been involved with the breed since 2011. It was the time when our family acquired a very beautiful girl with great temperament and personalities named Yustina S Usad’by Dobryh Bernov. This girl made me fall in love with this wonderful breed. She became a foundation dog for our kennel.

Day after day, month after month, year after year I have became totally falling into this wonderful canine world. Over these years I have made many amazing friends and fellows amongst the dog people I have met and I am very happy with that.

I am a beginner breeder but despite this there are Junior Russian Champions, Russian Champions and RKF Champions in our kennel and it is only the start!

I take responsibility for my breeding program and so all of our breeding dogs pass a number of health tests including hip and elbow x-raying and degenerative myelopatia DNA testing. These tests are perfomed by one of the world most reputable lab located in Germany – Laboklin. Moreover all our breeding dogs are tested for some sexually transmitted infections including herpes virus, brucellosis, mycoplasmosis, chlamydiosis, toxoplasmosis and ureaplasmosis. All of our breeding stock are free of these infections. We also provide making some other testings for our dogs to get healthy offspring in our kennel.

I carefully select producers for my breeding program.  I am thrilled to selective breeding and all of my dogs’ offspring are my four legged kids and I am proud of them.  Our dogs are true members of the family and they are our four legged babies.

We provide our dogs with high quality veterinary service and we are a partner of the best super premium dog food distributors. We also provide our puppy owners with life long support and love to keep in contact with them for puppy lifetimes.

We are located in the beautiful city on the Volga riverbank surrounded by amazing nature. Free daily field walkings, the Volga river, the Rybinsk Reservoir – all of these places allow to maintain the great shape and amazing condition of our pets.

I would be happy to invite you to surf our website pages where you can find, I hope, the information that you need. Here you can learn the breed standard, the information how to raise a puppy, how to care its, how to teach a noisy puppy to became a smart and well behaved dog. You can also find here my stories about Berner Sennenhunds, look at the pups and adults photos, dip into our dogs pedigrees.

If you have any questions regarding getting a pup from us, puppy raising or feeding feel free to contact us in any suitable time. We will make good match with our pup and your request that would bring a lot of joy, happiness and love to your family for a long time!

Sincerely owner, breeder,
Belokon Natalya